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Knowing where to start might be confusing. Learning what’s available can be complex and time consuming. But we can make it easier to find the home that's right for you.

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The Housing Hub is a social enterprise and part of the Summer Foundation. Since 2017, we’ve helped thousands of people explore better living choices and navigate the system by connecting housing seekers, and their supporters, with accessible housing providers.

With the Housing Hub, you’ll find information, events and resources to assist your search for the right home. And, because we’re a social enterprise, everything we do for housing seekers is always 100% free.

“It has given me independence and the ability to make my own choices.”
- Peter

“My parents still can’t believe that such an amazing set up is possible.”
- Tom

“It’s too good to be true sometimes, but now I’m glowing!”
- Paulene

How it Works

1. Create a free profile on the Housing Hub

2. Receive score-matched property suggestions, delivered to your inbox

3. Get free support to understand your options and apply for suitable homes

Enter information about what you are looking for to find the home that is right for you. If you need to, you can speak to an expert via our support hotline.

Search thousands of properties and get matches delivered right to your inbox. With a suitability score based on your exact requirements.

Get information, attend events and open homes. Receive guidance on NDIS funding applications via our Housing Options Team.

We’re a social enterprise, so everything we do for housing seekers is always 100% free.

Get clear on your options 

Different organisations, piles of paperwork and finding somewhere that actually meets your needs. The path to finding a better home can be seriously challenging. It can be confusing, frustrating, and an exhausting experience. And you may even feel as though you don’t have many options.

But with the Housing Hub, things change.

You can explore thousands of properties. Get reliable and unbiased advice. And learn more about what’s available, based on your exact requirements and eligibility.

Whether your goal is to live independently, with family, friends, or supporters, we’re here to guide your search for a better home.

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